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Our Goal


The Fluffle House is committed to improving the overall welfare of rabbits worldwide and locally rescuing rabbits in Michigan.


We use our platform to advocate for proper and responsible care of rabbits and bring attention to the need for rescue. We educate through informative blog posts on our website and educational content on our social media platforms. 

We rescue rabbits that are in need of a forever home, whether they are an owner surrender or were abandoned outside. We work to find them forever homes with the support of our Fluffle Friends and their generosity.  

Winnie Christmas 3

How It All Started

Ever have the desire for a pet when you lived somewhere they weren't allowed? Yeah, us too.  Jessica, found herself in exactly that situation. A rabbit seemed like an easy pet to sneak in; they didn't have to go outside, they didn't make any noise, and they were low-maintenance...or so she thought. In April of 2018, Jessica brought home her first rabbit, Winnie. And the obsession began. Everyone's heard of the crazy cat lady...well, Jessica was the definition of the crazy bun lady. 

At only a year and a half old, Winnie passed away. Jessica was devastated. She had developed an attachment with this white, three-pound, sass ball. The Fluffle House was created in her honor. 

Foster Locations

The Fluffle House Rabbit Rescue does not have an actual facility. The Fluffle House headquarters is located in Northern Michigan; however, we have a network of foster and drop-off locations throughout the state. 


Traverse City



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