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Welcome to the Fluffle

About Us

The Fluffle House was founded in 2019 to fulfill a need in Northern Michigan. Our goal is to educate on proper and responsible rabbit care and rescue bunnies in need of a forever home. 

We cannot do this without the help and support of our community. Please consider supporting our rescue! 


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We are currently not accepting surrender requests.

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The Fluffle House & Hay Monsters Rabbit Sanctuary are both foster-based rabbit rescues that have, collectively, rescued over 200 rabbits since opening our doors in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Although we've always worked very closely, we partnered in late 2021 to make an even larger impact. We both pride ourselves on our standard of care and our desire to give our foster rabbits the same level of care and affection we provide our resident rabbits. Visit our Fluffle Monsters website to learn more. 

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